Letter to the Editor: Chris DeMuth, Jr.

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Before we can get anything done in Washington, there are some things that we have to get undone first.

Does Jim Himes speak for you?

Did you support the healthcare bill?  Jim Himes voted yes.  Dan Debicella was against it.

The stimulus?  Jim Himes voted yes.  Dan Debicella was opposed.

The bailout? Jim Himes was in favor.  Dan Debicella said no.

Cap and trade?  Jim Himes yes.  Dan Debicella no.

End the secret ballot in union elections?  Again, Jim Himes yes.  Dan Debicella no.

Building a mosque at Ground Zero?  Himes is not opposed to this plan.  Debicella, on the other hand, opposes it.

Raising taxes?  Himes yes.  Debicella no.

So that is what Debicella is against.  Here is what he is for:

Should we focus on economic growth?

Are you for replacing the pork-barrel stimulus with a payroll tax cut?  Dan Debicella proposes to send back the remaining money and cut your taxes.  Jim Himes is opposed.

Do you oppose tax increases?  Dan Debicella is for stopping any new tax hikes.  Himes wants tax hikes in January.

Should we stop intrusive regulation?  Debicella yes.  Himes no.

Limit government?

Would you cap the size of the federal government at no more than 20% of GDP (Currently at 26%)?  Debicella wants to.  Himes doesn’t.

Would you favor forcing politicians to make trade-offs between reforming entitlements, being smarter about defense spending and reducing the number of civilian government employees?  Debicella would.  Himes wouldn’t.

True Healthcare Reform?

Repeal ObamaCare?  Are you for it?  Debicella is.  Himes isn’t.

Perhaps you think we should replace it with true healthcare reform that lowers costs for the middle class?  Debicella does too.  Himes says no.

Strong America Abroad?

Belief in American Exceptionalism?  Debicella yes.  Himes no.

Promote democracy and capitalism abroad?  Debicella yes.  Himes no.

Stop Iran and other extremists from obtaining nuclear weapons?  Debicella yes.  Himes no.


Chris DeMuth, Jr.
New Canaan, Connecticut